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USAisFirst.com was created because I kept reading in the newspapers how our Veterans were being short-changed when it came to benefits and medical help. I am a believer in giving back because I am very thankful for my good health and the wonderful family I have. As a matter of fact I have been running a bowling scholarship program for over 17 years and have given out over a hundred and sixty dollars in scholarship awards. With this I mind, I decide to combine my love of photography with a way to try to help our Veterans… and thus was born USAisFirst.com where 20% of your purchase is donated to the Veteran’s organization of your choice, in your name.

USAisFirst.com has no political affiliations with any political party. We only want to help give back to our Veterans.

We offer a high quality line of garments and accessories that graphically depict our pro America stance. We have organized our products in groups of related product by design. All groups feature our exclusive designs. When you select a design that you like you will be able to see all related products with that design.

Because every product is individually printed we can custom design a product for you or your organization.  To find out more about our custom design service send us an email to: sales@USAisFirst.com with an attachment of the photo or logo you would like us to incorporate in a custom designed garment. We offer discounts for group purchases. See our custom page for additional information on custom designs and our discount policy.

Twenty percent of your purchase is donated to a Veteran’s organization of your choice.

Do you belong to a Veteran’s organization or know of a one you would like us to include in our donation list? Please email us their name, address, a contact person and phone number or email address.

Send your emails to: sales@USAisFirst.com