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Your Support Will Help a Veteran in Need
When You Purchase One of Our Products

We believe very strongly in giving back to the Veterans that have helped protect us and make this the great country that it is. Twenty percent of your purchase is given to the Veteran’s organization of your choice when you purchase one of our products. The donation is sent to the organization, in your name. We have no political affiliations with any political party. We only want to help give back to our Veterans.

We offer a high quality line of products that graphically depict our pro Veterans /America stance. In conjunction with this we have created collections of different photos to help show your support. We also have many items with “conventional” graphics for the person that wants a simpler design. No matter which style you like, you will still be helping to support a Veteran.

When you view a collections, you can click on a photo and see all of the products available with that graphic. All photos have been taken and created by our award winning photographer Steven M Friedman. If you would like to see more of his work: visit PhotosBySMF.com. If there is a photo that you like on that site, let us know and we can custom print in on a garment or item for you. Your donation will still go to a Veteran’s organization of your choice.

We offer custom designs and group pricing. For additional information, email us at: sales@USAisFirst.com or call 516.379.7912. Click here to download our brochure.

Shown are some of the Veteran Organizations we support

If you would like your organization to be added to our support list, please email us your logo and contact information. Email: sales@usaisfirst.com

American Legion Members – you only have to give us your Post Number
and 20%  of your purchase will be donated in your name to your post